Friday, July 20, 2012

Ways to Travel Internationally for Less

By Nancy Furgeson

It doesn't need to be major hassle to travel affordably. Booking a cheap international flight is very possible with enough time and research. If you really look, it can almost seem harder to find the expensive deals. How do you find these affordable flights? Where can you look for them? What methods can you use to get the best deal possible? Here are some ways you can save money when you travel internationally.

Airlines have started to charge for any checked baggage. The charge for the first bag is pretty reasonable. The fees for additional checked bags can get spendy, though. Packing your clothes into your carry on bag is an option if your trip is a short one. Granted this doesn't save you money on your flight but it can help you cut down on your overall travel expenses. Buying your clothes once you've reached your destination is another way to limit baggage fees. This makes a handy reason to go shopping while you are visiting.

Be sure to utilize every airline's frequent flier opportunities. This way, no matter where you are going or which airline you are flying you can get points for every trip you take. Airlines like to reward frequent travelers with perks. Typically these are offered as a means to try and get you to stay loyal to one airline. The more lists your are on the more money you can save later. Most airlines give points based on miles flown. While others may choose to work you on a trip by trip basis. It doesn't matter how many you sign up for you will get point for every flight you get on.

Choose to fly Stand By. If you have exact start and end dates, this will not be optimal for you. Although, if you have an allotted amount of time to work with, flying standby could be a really good way for you to purchase reduced priced seats on international flights.

To do this you need to show up at the airport as early as possible (usually by six in the morning). Once you get there, you'll have to have your name added to a list for every flight that is going to your destination. If that flight has an unfilled seat, the seat is given to the first name on the "stand by" list. You could end up having to wait a while, but it is a great way to save money. Finding an affordable international flight shouldn't be headache inducing. Once you learn where to look and what to look for, finding affordable international flights can be easy. Saving money while traveling can be done in lots of ways. Everything from not checking your luggage to shopping around to flying standby can save you money when you travel. You can find the best deals possible, especially when you are willing to do the work and remain patient. When you don't take the time and effort to search for the right deals, you end up paying too much. Don't let overpaying ruin your next vacation.

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