Friday, August 24, 2012

Aracari Peru Luxury Travel That Provides Comfort And Adventure Simultaneously

By Clinton Arnhold

For those going to Peru there needn't be a decision between lavishness and adventure. With Aracari luxury Peru trips come inclusive of the adventure as well as the luxury this country offers. Tourists do need to make a decision, though, on what type of trip they want to take because the area has a wider range of travelling ideas than most countries do.

Many have no awareness that it's possible to hike in luxury. Actually, hikes over extreme terrains together with comfort make the luxury even more poignant. Five star cooks and luxury tents are one choice. The other is a tour based on lodges. Both have elements of the world class Peruvian cuisine the country is famed for.

The Andes is an area that can't be navigated well enough by wheel. Narrow roads and steep inclines make it necessary to hike. Those who are well acquainted with their lack of fitness needn't scratch the mountain range off their list. There are various options, adapted for every level of fitness.

The Incas are the most fascinating element of Peru for many. There are numerous well preserved archaeological ruins to see in the country and most are near the Andes or close to Cusco. The Inca trail is among the most famous walks in the world and many embark on it as a spiritual quest.

Cuzco is the closest village and an excellent start to the Inca trail. This town features colonial architecture and allows one to talk to and trade with locals. A series of trails and stair cases take tourists from there to the trail's end at Machu Picchu.

The Inca's skill with stone masonry is perfectly viewed at Machu Picchu. A series of steps and roads connects warehouses and residential areas and it's believed to have been a royal estate. Goods are thought to have been carried from Cuzco as the area wasn't optimal for agriculture. It does have gorgeous natural surrounds. The roads towards these ruins were built by the Incas and certain prior empires.

The full four day Inca trail is for the moderately fit. Two cloud forests will be traversed and the first ruins tourists are met with are Llactapata. A six hour hike on the first day takes tourists through a cloud forest, and then up a steep incline into the Andes. There are varied habitats to be seen, all with their own ecosystems.

Machu Picchu is seen on the fourth day, and is preceded by another cloud forest and the Phuyapatamarca ruins. The six hours of walking on this day will end with a quiet train ride to a hotel at Cuzco. The walkers are taken care of by a full staff compliment including a cook and the carrying of backpacks. Without heavy loads, the hike is more enjoyable.

The adventures in the Andes are quite different. Trekkers will pass a number of ruins and villages. The locals in the areas still participate in some Inca customs and create faux antiques from that time. On trips planned by Aracari luxury Peru journeys are given life and have options for each unique personality.

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