Monday, July 16, 2012

Port Vila Offers One Of The Most Peaceful Travel Destinations

By Jeremy Winters

Port Vila, which is the capital city in Vanuatu, is a beautiful destination to visit. This is the largest city in the island country and it offers an enjoyable tropical climate. There are for the most part two kinds of seasons here: the hot, wet season and the dry season. The actual temperature continues to be virtually the very same through the year. In the year 2006 Vanuatu was identified as the "happiest place on earth" by a survey performed by the UK.

Port Vila is thought to be one of the very best vacation travel destinations in Vanuatu. The city is built around Vila Bay, and for this reason it spreads up the slopes that are quite steep. You will have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the breathtaking harbor sculpted with lagoons, islets and inlets resulting from the perched up site of Port Vila. This city is known for a distinctive French atmosphere a result of the presence of caf shops and rambling streets.

The city is extremely alluring and there are lots of things to see and do here. Positioned on the island of Efate, this location contains beautiful pristine scenery to offer its guests. Superb waterfalls, abundant tropical forests, beautiful reefs, hot mineral springs and lagoons are several of the things you can expect to discover in Port Vila. In case you are trying to find serene travel destinations then Port Vila could be perfect for you.

You'll be able to quickly reach Port Vila very easily by plane since this area features an international airport that is placed at a distance of ten minutes drive from the city in Bauerfield. The warm waters bordering Port Vila make it great for people to take part in exciting activities like snorkeling, fishing, and diving. There are numerous resort hotels here if you'd like a luxurious stay and most of these resorts provide options for engaging in sports activities such as kayaking, sailing, or swimming.

You might also opt for famous tours outside of the city and discover popular tourist locations like Hideaway Island, Elton Beach, and Cascades Waterfall. If you can't get enough of the rugged scenery and traditional culture in Port Vila you could also fly to other perfect travel destinations near Port Vila such as Tanna and Espiritu Santo Islands. As far as souvenirs are involved, a person can get an extensive variety of traditional handcrafted items created by skilled local weavers, carvers, potters and artists.

Because Port Vila is not really very advanced and it's much more like a village, you won't be able to discover lots of clothing shops here. It is suggested that women should dress in something which covers their legs and shoulders since displaying skin is a huge no-no in this location.

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