Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Fashion Tips for Men on a Beach Break

By Catherine McCulloch

From the beach to the bar, there are plenty of ways for men to up their chances of getting a bit of action on their cheap holidays. When you're in the sun, it's easy to forget about looking presentable, but being fashion forward is a great way to reel in the ladies.

Remember that salt, sand and sun are extremely harsh on your luscious locks. Be sure to maintain your mane by bringing along all the necessary hair products to help you keep your strands silky and feeling fresh. There's nothing worse than a man with hat hair, so stick to the three c's and you should be in the clear -- clean, condition and comb. Don't worry about packing a hair dryer, as sun dried locks will give your hair some natural highlights on your holiday.

If your hat makes you feel like a muppet, hide behind a pair of designer shades. Deck shoes are the perfect solution for smart-casual daytime wear. They're comfortable to wear when you're exploring cobbled streets, appropriate in even the poshest restaurant, and if you happen to bump into Simon Cowell and crack an invite on board the Slipstream, you'll look the part.

But as package holidays are for partying! If you're heading out on the town, on the lash or on the pull, you want to look the part. But dancing all night also means staying cool and comfortable - you'll only look as good as you feel.

Many of the posher clubs in party cities have a strict dress code - turn up in shorts and you'll be left standing outside the door, so check before you pack. Equally, there are clubs that charge higher entry fees on their theme nights if you aren't in fancy dress, so do your homework!

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