Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Advantages Of Joining The Green Card Lottery

By Thelma Kent

There is a growing number of people around the world today that are doing their best to gain entry into the United States. The immigration process is often considered to be a very stressful and lengthy one to endure which often discourages the legal entry into the states whenever considered. People that are focused on this particular process should understand the appeal of the green card lottery.

A green card is an official documentation that the person carrying it has the legal right to live within the United States. This is often documentation that is received through a multitude of means and can be quite difficult to apply and gain approval for under various circumstances. The government has enacted various programs to help alleviate much of the complication with this process.

The lottery program is actually quite appealing to many people seeking residency. This is a program that offers an opportunity to simply gain a visa through a contest of sorts while removing much of the hassle. Learning of the appeal with this process helps people make an informed decision to complete it when interested.

Simplicity in joining the program is often seen as one of the primary sources of appeal. The process is usually completed by easily filling out an application online and participating in a very simple interview process. This usually alleviates much of the complication and difficult in obtaining this documentation.

This is also a process that is filled with a significant number of winners. This documentation is only given to residents of countries with lower immigration densities and tens of thousands of winners which increases the chances of winning. This often encourages people to actively participate.

The green card lottery is finally known to be free to join when considered. The application process is free to participate in and the actual documentation is also free. This avoids paying the numerous fees associated with traditional immigration.

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