Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brussels and Amsterdam Are Two Excellent Destinations For City Breaks

By Emily Collins

Although a great year round destination, Amsterdam is at perhaps it's most beautiful in the spring and autumn. If you have limited time on your hands you'll find a bicycle the best way to get around whilst in the city.

In Amsterdam, the bicycle is the most popular mode of transport. Cyclists outnumber cars by a long way and you'll find many bicycle hire companies around the city. You have a choice between a modern bicycle or a traditional Dutch style one, which is gearless. You don't have to be that confident at cycling on the road as the locals are more than used to seeing bikes on the road and will usually give way to you. Just make sure you look at where you're going and you'll be fine! Don't be embarrassed about ringing that bell either - all the locals do it!

The Belgian capital may boast beer, chocolate and mussels from Brussels, but there is plenty more to see in this destination. The small scale of the city means that you can easily enjoy its sights and sounds within a weekend.

The eclectic EU District, the Grand Palace and the Grotke market are all worth visiting. You could even arrange to have someone else show you around by booking onto a walking tour. This is a great way for you to get your bearings when you first arrive, not only will you find out fascinating facts about the city on your tour, but you can note anything down that you'd like to return to.

Spend your second day soaking up the sights that took your fancy the most, and strolling around the little backstreets, sampling traditional chocolates and stopping in a Belgian bar for a good cold beer.

A weekend break is a great, cost-effective option for a getaway, letting you explore somewhere new, escape your normal routine, and have some fun.

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