Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cyprus: an island designed on music

By Allan Enyeart

Come and hear the music of Cyprus for yourself

As soon as you land on the island, you'll notice that Cyprus constantly has music echoing in the ether. Your explorations will reveal song wherever you turn as you quickly discover that it's a major part of the general community. It doesn't matter what type you prefer; everyone from lovers of classical to those who like to dance the night away are well provided for on this idyllic paradise.

Listen to the music that has inspired Cyprus for centuries

It's well documented that the island has had a musical tradition that has been handed down through the ancestral chain dating back centuries. No matter what time of year you come, there will always be plenty of concerts or festivals for you to check out, all of which will be packed with people who are passionate about their music and love to share it with visitors. It almost seems as if every day is a celebration, so when you come across an event, be ready to get involved in the singing and dancing.

If you happen to travel to Cyprus in July, you'll be able to take in the world famous International Opera Festival. Here you'll witness the people come together as one, with numerous venues across the island holding concerts that celebrate the majesty of opera. Classic pieces are performed by some of the world's finest talents, all of whom know that this is the place to be for opera lovers if they wish to hear the very best.

Dance the night away!

Perhaps you prefer something more modern, but don't worry; Cyprus has something for everyone. Dance music has taken the island by storm and some of the biggest DJs around can be found in the clubs or at some of the superb festivals held in the summer months. It's a truly unique feeling, dancing around in the sun as you allow the beats to sweep over you, surrounded by friendly people who are all intent on having a great time.

Even when you return to your home away from home, you'll undoubtedly find there's music wherever you stay; many of the beach hotels have music every evening played by local groups brought in by the owners to perform for their guests. Let yourself be taken away by the music and you'll soon find you fall for it completely. The quality of a wonderful boutique hotel will only be added to when you absorb the music, so if you want to have the ultimate holiday, choose the musical magic of Cyprus.

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