Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Japan's Nihon Sankei

By Freddy McCandless

Every one knows about Japan's leading technology along with all of its sky rise buildings. So why not make your way to their so called Nihon Sankei instead? Remember that Japan is naturally fine-looking too. So here is a closer look at Nihon Sankei, the three most scenic places around. There are Matsushima, Miyajima, and Amanohashidate. Go ahead and read on.


Matsushima Bay is proudly one of the top three scenic spots in Japan. This bay is home to about 200 tiny islets all covered in breathtaking pine trees. It positively lives up to being part of the list. This is a total tourist hot spot. But definitely the ultimate way to enjoy it is by cruise boat. Some just make rounds starting at ending at the same area, Matsushima, or you may take one that will drop you off at Shingama which is one of the nearby cities. But if you are really up for it, there are much longer ones that will bring you all the way to Oku-Matsushima where nature reigns having only limited industrial development.


If you happen to be in Hiroshima, you really should certainly take the hour long boat ride to the small island Miyajima. The highlight of this area is the torii gate. What makes this huge gate so special is that when the tide is high it gives the illusion that it is floating on the water. Like nothing you have ever seen before, it well deserves being part of the top three list. This area is great for everyone, but it is really the perfect getaway for couples and lovers. After all, it is really peaceful and romantic. Imagine, this spot even has deer.


Last but not the least is Amanohashidate. To put it simply, when translated to English it is bridge in heaven. Pine trees mask most of this 3.6 kilometer long sand bar. This is found running across the Miiyazu Bay at the northern Kyoto Prefecture. However, it is said that the spot with the optimal view of it is on the hills at the other side of the bay. When there, you will need to face you back to the bay, bend over, and look at the sand bar between your legs to actually see the bridge in heaven.

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