Sunday, August 19, 2012

Other Ways In Getting Fixies

By Daniel Turbin

I love fixie bikes. Have made from the time I came across them. But when you're starting out, then seeking fixies for saleat the ideal price and in the best condition may appear a little bit hard in the beginning. So where can the beginner learn those fixies for salethat meet his budget and criteria?

First of all it depends on whether you would like to splash out for a new one, go second hand or merely like the bits for a self-build. Fundamentally you will find 4 main options accessible to you.



3. Craigslist

4. Local Small Ads & Word Of Mouth


The business has come on hugely since its beginning and it now stocks a range of fixie and fixed gear track bikes. There is certainly quite a lot of variation and many shiny things to seduce you. Just stick with the fundamentals. If you do not like riding it (You won't!) you haven't lost much. The awesome thing about is the low delivery charges.

A double edged sword is eBay. You can find both new and pre-used as well as some parts. However you are coping with multiple sellers whom eBay will no police at all really until it's too late. And so look out for evaluations and ratings of sellers. Don't be put off by one grumbling seller. You are looking for good and bad patterns. You can find several terrific bargains on eBay if you search enough.


This really is tricky as Craigslist isn't what it used to be. Be Careful of scammers however. However again you can find some new and used bargains. Stay local to your area so that you can view the bikes in person. Take a fixie expert if nervous about checking the bike.

Local Small Ads and Word Of Mouth

An extremely powerful method. You are less likely to find dubious characters and scams. The benefit, besides seeing the bike before you buy is that you can negotiate with the buyer direct. They normally are an ordinary Joe like you as well as me so don't be nervous. Again talk to a fixie pal if you need to.

And so there you have it. A quick and dirty method to finding fixies for saleat a good price. It's not hard if you are both patient and careful in what you do. Don't get sidetracked and you and your fixie will live happily ever after.

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