Monday, September 17, 2012

Do Not Buy A New Pontoon Bimini Top For Your Boat Without All The Facts

By David Charles

Everyone is always asking what a Bimini Top actually is and where they can get one to add to their Pontoon Boat. A Bimini Top generally has an open front and back with a Canvas top that provides shelter over the cockpit of a boat. Bimini Tops can be collapsed and stored in a Bimini Top Boot when not in use, generally toward the back of the boat. They are as simple as that.

Rain protection from a Bimini Top is usually only provided while the boat is stationary or there is limited wind. A Bimini Top is used mostly for protecting yourself and your family from the hot blistering sun on those long boat days. Bimini Tops only provide overhead protection from the elements since they are open on all four sides. Bimini Tops offer no protection from wind and only minimal protection from rain and splashing when going moving around the water.

Bimini Top frames are mostly made of metal and most all Bimini Tops styles can be purchased in a wide array of colors. We stockBimini Tops and evenBimini Boat Tarps for almost every type ofboat out there. Nearly all Bimini Tops are universal so they can be easily mounted to almost any boat type out there. Bimini Tops are not limited to only pontoon boats and you can see at that there are many variations of Bimini Tops that can be purchased for your boat.

The various manufacturers of Bimini Tops will generally provide step by step instructions on how to measure and mount your new Bimini Top. When ordering a new Bimini Top it is important to pick a size and style that compliments your boat. The most important item to take into consideration is going to be the width of your boat. The length of the Bimini Top can cause issues, but if the width is not correct you will not be able to install your Bimini Top easily or even at all.

Some people already have a Bimini Top on their boat and are just looking to update the color or replace the old worn out canvas. It is possible to purchase only the canvas parts for your Bimini Top but generally it is cheaper or about the same price to just go ahead and replace the whole Bimini Top.

Once you have installed your new Bimini Top on your Pontoon or other boat, just step back and be amazed at the transformation that you have made to your boat. It will look years newer and your family and friends will be thrilled about the added protection they will now receive on the long lake days. If you would like to see the many examples of Bimini Tops available, head over to and I guarantee there will be something there to fit your needs.

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