Friday, September 28, 2012

Night life and much more on Long Island

By Ken Bello

So you and your friends are in search for things to do on Long Island? This is one of the largest parts of New York. If its summer season there are many beaches to visit and enjoy the sunshine and weather while listening to ocean waves. If your a swimmer you will certainly love the beaches in the summer. Relax away from the water and check out the Beach bars and live bands. From Long beach to the Hampton's you will find beautiful and desirable south shore Long Island beaches to visit.

If you are looking for a bite to eat you would be able to easily find incredible restaurants within Long Island. Exceptional pizza and appetizing Italian dinners spread with in this massive Island. But that's not all, you can come across all kinds of jaw-dropping places to eat from offering Indian food to Mexican food. If you live on Long Island or have been their before you will know they are known for their terrific diners and bagel shops which by far are incomparable to other places when it comes to a tasty breakfast. I advise you start your afternoon off with a pile of pancakes and eggs from a Long Island diner.

Suffolk or Nassau county both have a numerous amount small restaurants and cafes that you can grab quick bite to eat and make your way to the night life with so many prime spots to have drinks and enjoy a wide variety of music that will full fill your night with fun and I am sure laughter. Stop at a diner on the way home because most of them are open late some even have twenty four hour service so you can grab coffee or appetizers after your night out.

With regards to activities to do on Long Island lets not forget the vineyards out feast with plenty of different aged cheeses and red or white wines to taste. Locals really like to take a venture out to the wineries usually by limo or large taxi. This is a definite good time. Also look for up and coming comedy performances and events especially the Hilfiger theater concerts.

If you are with kids or young adults never stress there are endless activities such as parks, pools, skate parks, water activities, go cart racing and amusement parks with rides and arcades, also crabbing, fishing and camping, Theater shows, movies, the Outlets, Professional sporting events and a train ride away from New York City and Madison Square Garden.

Not only is there tons of activities you should check out on this beautiful New York Island but there is also a million benefits to vacation and maybe even live their as well. Bi-cycle riding and jogging through some green, wide open parks filled with huge trees and fresh mowed grass. The holiday changes are beyond doubt delightful and if you like the fall colors with yellowish light red leaves with the feel of a cool burst of wind it might just be an amazing destination to escape too. Although winters are usually decorated with gleaming white snowflakes and temperatures under zero degrees there is something so amazing when Christmas day comes.

If you're looking for activities to enjoy on Long Island. I encourage you get a pencil and notepad out and create a check list only because there is a lot of entertainment and great times awaiting for you and your friends. There is no possible way that you will be bored at all that is a definite.

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