Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Villa in Bali

By Salim B. Kho

Villas can be better than hotels. They offer the same comforts and conveniences but also come with other advantages that staying in a hotel doesn't offer. As an example, hotel guests don't enjoy the luxury of privacy as much as tourists in a villa can. Oftentimes, guests at a villa can also enjoy the same fine cooking by a personal cook for a more cost-effective price than hotel guests. That's due to the fact you can hop down to the local market to buy the ingredients or have the cook ask his aides to buy the shopping for you. And of course, staying at the best villa you'll be able to find is like living in your dream country house for a short time. That's not something staying in an enclosed hotel suite can give.

Bali is known for its many villas, apart from a mass of resorts lodges bed-and-breakfast homes and other places of accommodation. If you are going to Bali in two weeks, it can be difficult to make a choice with lots of villas providing upmarket services in the area. These pointers are meant to help you decide on the right villa to live in when you are in Bali.

Find a location.

Mainland Bali is divided into separate areas all famous for their distinct characteristics. Seminyak, as an example, caters to the high-end markets with a preference for luxury. The villas here are of course more expensive than anywhere else in the entire island, but everything is more posh and upper-class than any place else as well. Ubud in central Bali is the cultural hub of the province and is home to a rich display of Balinese design, history and cultural practices, giving you access to temples, museums and authentic Balinese restaurants. Kuta is for backpackers but it still has its nice string of villas situated particularly near the white-sand beaches that grace its seashore. Decide where you need to stay in Bali and zero in on a villa in that location.

Speak to a villa rental agency.

That is how much demand villas in Bali are getting. Villa rental agencies will help you find the right villa for you by providing information like rates, comforts, locations and views. They can also contact the villa you have chosen and book reservations for you. The upside is that you minimize the hazards of renting a place that turns out to be lower than your expectations because villa renting agents should know absolutely everything about Bali villas. The downside nonetheless, is that you will have to pay more to cover the cost of getting a broker.

Research the villa and read real reviews about it.

The villa's own internet site will not give you the real score. Look to real user reviews instead. The Net is the best place to try this, with sites such as TripAdvisor and VirtualTourist made specifically to provide reviews created by real people who've essentially been to the place. You may also visit travel blogs and private websites of travellers that have been to Bali and read up on what they have to say about the places where they stayed.

Interview the manager.

Once you have found a Bali villa that matches your preferences, have a short talk with the villa's manager first before closing the deal. A good manager should be amicable and informed. He should be able to lead you to feel comfortable and supply you with information on the way to get to the villa's location, places to go to visit in the area and activities you can do.

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