Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Going Bonefishing Key West Way To Catch One Tough Fish

By Patrice McCoy

There are some game fish that are more exciting to catch than others. The type that most anglers want to hook on their lines are ones that will really give them a fight and test their mettle. A species that has this quality is called bonefishing Key West style. They can be found in certain salt water tropical areas that are warm throughout the year. When a person fishing starts to catch one of these, they know they will have a good time trying to get it in the boat.

Bonefish are known to be one of the most exciting fish to catch when fly fishing. They have extraordinary speed that might startle a person at first. When they bite into a hook they can soar under the water with incredible strength and speed. Before one knows it, they can be a hundred yards away from where they first struck.

The place to catch them is usually closer to shore in the shallow waters. They like to be where the water is the warmest and where the food they eat can usually be easily located. This means a person may be able to wade out into the water from the shore and start fishing right away. There is no need for a boat in this instance.

They generally like to stay in schools when they are young and some continue to do so as they age. However, there are those who prefer to be alone while they are trying to catch a meal. This is the best place for them to be when they are hungry.

The food these creatures prefer to eat are also usually along the shoreline. Shrimp and crabs are among their most favored meals. They will also gladly eat mollusks, fry and benthic worms. These can be found in abundance where other food sources are readily available.

These species feed on the nutrients that are produced by the living organism found in sea grass beds. The beds dot the shoreline and are home to many other prey enjoyed by predators. Knowing this helps an angler know where to keep their eyes focused for when they cast their lines. When it seems hard to find what they are looking for the fish will start to follow stingrays around. The stingrays tend to disturb the bottom when swimming and make some prey swim into an open area where they can be caught.

One can tell if they have caught a bonefish by how they look. They have gray bodies with yellow pectoral fins. They tend to be near three feet long and can weigh about 19 pounds.

When one wants an exciting fishing experience they may want to consider going bonefishing Key West style. This is a species that many prize for the fight they will give an angler. One also gets to travel to tropical locales that can be very beautiful to spend their time trying to catch the big one.

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