Friday, September 7, 2012

Qualified Property Management Companies In Miami

By Kerri Turner

When a developer seeks to engage the property management companies in Miami, it is important to conduct thorough interviews in order to hire the best man for the job. In most cases, these people are hired during the defects liability period when a completed house is handed over to the purchasing client. Ironically, such residents must also pay a monthly charge that takes care of maintenance of the common areas and landscaping. However, in most cases, the landlord deals with tenants of all types and ages.

The collection of rents should be homogeneous without discriminating the elderly, sick or disabled people. The landlord is not supposed to give any preferential treatment to anybody regardless of their physical abilities. Evicting a disabled person must be done in a manner that demonstrates fairness and justice to avoid any lawsuits.

If one thinks he has been illegally discriminated against, it becomes important to know which law covers his situation, for two main reasons. First, if federal law has been violated, he can complain to a federal agency or sue in federal court; if only state law covers his situation, he is limited to state agencies and courts.

If one thinks that he have been a victim of housing discrimination and he want to do something about it, he face an important choice. He can take his story to the federal or state agency in charge of enforcing the federal and state laws, and hope that an agency investigator will pursue his case.

In most situations with tenants, landlords have the upper hand. When it comes to discrimination, however, the balance of power shifts to the tenant. Because of strong discrimination laws, a determined tenant or applicant for rental housing who has been wronged can often tie a landlord in legal knots.

If his situation is addressed by the federal law, he has a choice between going to a federal agency or court or a state agency or court. Even if the situation is covered by both laws, he will need to know whether an exemption would force him to use one law or the other. And knowing that outrageous cases may result in large jury verdicts, insurance companies are often quick to offer settlements outside of court.

Another contentious issue is allowing a guide dog, hearing dog, or other service animal in a residence that otherwise disallows pets, allowing a special rent payment plan for a tenant whose finances are managed by someone else or by a government agency, arranging to read all communications from management to a blind tenant, and providing a washtub and clothes line for a mentally ill tenant whose anxiety about machines makes her unable to use the washer and dryer.

If a business entity seeks the services of property management companies in Miami, it expects the establishment to perform at the highest standards of practice in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise from dishonest activities. The ability to handle large projects and a large number of tenants requires skills and tolerance since they deal with the public. The revenue collected for the different services should be used appropriately in order to avoid any conflicts that may occur.

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