Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple Steps to ensure your US Passport Photo Success

By David Hawkin

Most countries have their own special requirements regarding passport photo dimensions. The US is no different in this respect however you shouldn't feel nervous obtaining your pictures. The following advice will guide you though pitfalls thus allowing you to obtain your US Passport without any problems.

The passport photos submitted with your passport application must be the same.

Passport photos have to be printed on special photo-quality paper.

You should have color Passport photos.

Your passport photos should have been taken within the last six months.

The size of the photos that you submit should be 2" x 2" to be acceptable.

The passport pictures should clearly show a full frontal view of your face. You should be dressed in everyday clothing without headgear or tinted spectacles against a plain white or off-white backdrop. You should adopt a neutral expression with mouth closed and eyes fully open looking straight ahead. If your pictures are blurred then they will be rejected.

Your head must be in the middle of the photograph and make up at least fifty percent of the picture. The measurements of your head should be within 1" and 1 3/8" from the top of your crown to the bottom of your chin.

A headscarf of covering can be worn for reasons of religion but your full face must be visible.

If you wear eye glasses during the course of the day you may leave them on in your passport photos. The photographer must ensure that there in no reflection otherwise the pictures will be unacceptable. It is also important that your eyes can bee seen clearly in the photographs.

You may only wear tinted glasses in you passport picture on medical grounds. You may need to provide written documentation from your Dr on request.

Uniforms in passport pictures should be avoided unless they are being worn on religious grounds.

Having passport pictures taken of infants and young children can be difficult. It is advised that you visit a professional photographer. Parents or guardians must not feature in the pictures neither should any mechanical device supporting their pose.

Obtaining a copy of a photo from your driving license is not allowed. Digitally manipulating your photos using computer software will result in them being rejected.

Snaps from glossy magazines are not acceptable, as are photos from the majority of vending booths. Full length photographs are also not allowed.

If you have the technical know-how to produce your own passport pictures you can take them on a digital camera. However you must be able to take the passport photos at 1 megapixel resolution or more. When it comes to printing the pictures take them to a commercial processing lab unless you have superior printing facilities the photos will be rejected.

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