Sunday, September 23, 2012

Travelers Demanding The Freedom of Flyclear

By Greg Diener

Being a regular air traveler is what a lot of businessmen around the world do to reach their many meetings with clients around the world. For these important men of business it is especially important for them to make their flights. For them and many others airplanes are a required need of transportation, but for some people the idea of flyclear is something that does not apply. With the problems linked with airline travel, some people have questioned the problems with the current system at our airports.

Not long ago, it was stated on the news that the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) is now investigating accusations of racial profiling at Logan International Airport in Boston. According to the alleged instances 32 TSA officers revealed that the airport specifically target's travelers of African-American and Middle Eastern origin. The report focuses on a system used at Logan which targets people who are believed to have some dubious activity, leading to an interview with the person at the security line before they get tested by security.

The security system I feel is something that needs to be fixed, the system at Logan airport is something that I think makes the problem much worse than better. Specifically going after people of non-Caucasian origin makes me very angry, because it is not doing anything to solve how we can solve airline security problems or the threat of terrorism. How will we ever know who is truly a threat and who is not if programs like the one in Logan help give airport security more of a black eye?

Fortunately for some passengers, some functions may avoid the circumstance like the one at Logan. CLEAR is a product which allows a passenger to go through a security line by having all their biometrical results held onto a card, which allows them to go to the front of the security line. This is a program which supplies a yearly fee to use the function, this is already used at a few airports right now but should the program become more of success it may go to more airports in the future.

Airline security should be managed more like it needs to be a process which looks out for the security of each and every passenger. Products like CLEAR could go a long way into helping solve the mistakes of airline security and make it better for passengers who might doubt going on a plane due to the situations at the security gate. It is my wish we see more common sense programs to security so we do not have complaints like the one that occurred at Logan.

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