Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Happens When You Clear Airport Security

By Michael Osborne

My father had to go to a medical convention in Dallas, Texas. The meeting was mainly about the new medical innovation and procedures. He had already reserved a flight for the trip but he had to get there before 9am to beat traffic. However, his alarm clock was unsuccessful to wake him and he was at the airport at 10am instead. After he got his flight ticket, he headed over to clear airport security. That's where it all started.

When the cab drop him off at the airport, he went to the ticketing both and then to the CLEARcube to indicate him. There he used his card to trigger it and the machine identified using a fingerprint and rectal scan. Then he walked to the clear airport security to present his membership. The security took his bags and put them on the thread. The clear airport security was like an E-Z pass going through a toll unit.

It was able to get him to through the terminal instantly than the long line of travelers going to security. He sat at gate 12 destined for Dallas-Worth International. The flight was 3-4 hours and the conventional starts tomorrow. When he got to the hotel, he was exhausted from the jetlag. He planned on staying there for only three days and take morning flight back home. He unpacked to manage out his notebooks and writing utensils.

At the medical convection, many physicians attended there to know the new regulations enacted by the department of Health. It also presented the new technological advances for modern science. After the lecture, all the doctors formed in the dining hall for lunch. One of my father's old colleagues was there as well and asked him how the trip here was. My father stated that he used his CLEAR card to evade the card and get to his gate on time.

He gave his college the website for the business and explained what he needed to do. The man followed his instructions expressly and went back to the forum to hear the rest of the lecture. After the first day of the convention, my father took a look at the tips he made and reviewed it over. As he reviewed it, he would email his boss about the lecture and suggest on how to make the clinic more reliable.

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