Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amazing Locations in the US for Space Fans

By Steve Alexander

For space enthusiasts, there are various destinations around the world that are well worth checking out. Sunny Florida is home to the Kennedy Space Centre, which is also just a stone's throw away from Disney World. We've also taken a look at a few other fantastic destinations that boast impressive space attractions.

The Kennedy Space Centre was created in 1958 as a way to keep up with and surpass the Soviet Union's space advancements. It has been the only launch pad for every human space mission in the United States since 1962, (celebrating its 50th birthday this year) and is dripping with history. Since its creations, the Space Centre's launch complexes have seen the infamous Apollo launches beginning from 1968-1972 as part of President Kennedy's bold mission to land the first man on the moon.

With up to 30% off in honour of the centre's 50th anniversary, day passes can be bought, which also include a meal voucher. You can also get a great view of Cape Canaveral from outside the centre. The best locations to do this vary by launch pad and mission so before setting off, be sure to check out the website's recommendations.

With the largest collection of air and spacecraft in the world, the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum is ideal if you're as much into the space program's history as you are future missions. As well as being a museum, it is also one of the most important spacecraft research hubs in the world as well.

An IMAX theatre can be found here too, which includes 3-D footage shot by NASA astronauts on real missions are shown on five-story screens. You'll feel as though you're on the mission in this dramatic, all-encompassing experience. The Apollo/Saturn V Centre takes visitors through the history and experiences of the Apollo moon missions.

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